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Picture of a game controll with a globe and the title "Game Translation Guide"

Game Translation Guide: How to Localize Video Games in 2024

Localization at Notion: A Retrospective (Guest Post by Brian McConnell)

Brian McConnell, former Head of Localization at Notion, looks back at his learnings from leading the SaaS company's localization efforts.

Localization Process: What To Expect From Working With Us

Discover how our localization process transforms your global expansion with expert translations, project management, interpretation, and more.

5 Major Types of Conference Interpretation: How They Differ, and When You’ll Need Each One

Discover the 5 major types of conference interpretation and when to use each one for your event's success.
6 tips to choose the right interpretation service provider for your events in Korea

6 Tips to Choose the Right Interpretation Service for Your Events in Korea

Planning an event in Korea? Make sure you choose the right interpretation service with these 6 tips. Don't let language barriers ruin your event!
Text saying "Human vs. Machine Translation: What's the better choice for you?"

Translation Agencies vs. Machine Translation: What’s The Better Choice For You?

In this article, we'll provide insights into why human translation remains the best choice for companies seeking high-quality localization, despite the allure of machine translation for cost-effective, high-volume projects.