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Tired of poor translations? We handpick our linguists based on the goals and needs of your project. All of our language partners have multiple years of experience, advanced degrees, and expertise in your industry.

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Managing the translation process can be overwhelming. Our turnkey solution takes care of all your localization needs, designing and managing the project from end to end. Focus on your business and leave the rest to us.



Our prices are fair and transparent, without cutting corners on quality. We use the right mix of technology and human consulting with thorough QA to meet each unique need of our customers. Our achievements have been recognized with multiple awards.

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We deliver top-notch and error-free translations that get your message across. Our three-step process includes translation, editing, and proofreading by a native speaker, ensuring that all your words are on point.

Subtitle Captioning

Don’t let the language barrier hold you back from sharing your content with global viewers. Our professional subtitle captioning services get your videos out there for the world to enjoy — be it a film, social video, or online course.


Got a conference, event, or business meeting in Korea on the horizon? Or maybe a virtual webinar? We got you covered with our customized turnkey interpretation package — including expert simultaneous interpreters, on-site booths, and audio devices.


Marketing messages with a cultural makeover! We take your idea and give it the cultural flair to connect with your target audience. Perfect for creative content like advertising material that needs more than just a translation to land with the right impact.

Linguistic Style Check

Before the translation goes live, it’s important to do the final check to make sure everything looks right in context. Our expert linguistic style review makes sure it’s all good to go. Trust us to catch any inconsistencies so your translation is ready to impress.

Glossary Creation

Say goodbye to inconsistencies and confusion. We create a glossary of key translation terms that becomes a lasting asset for your business. Get things right from the beginning, and save on costly reworks.

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Game Translation Guide: How to Localize Video Games in 2024

So you want to make your video game available in multiple languages. Great choice! The global video game market is valued at $282.30 billion in 2024, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. But, there is only one problem: you don’t know where to start. Well, you’re in the

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Meet the Team


Eunnara Jo (Nara)

As a Korean interpreter, project manager, and now founder, Nara is a localization specialist with 8+ years of experience under her belt. Her passion for languages and knack for delivering quality work led her to establish JOEL Localization. Under Nara’s leadership, JOEL Localization has become a trusted partner for customers looking to expand their global reach.

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Vilde Olaussen (Via)

Translator, editor, copywriter, and project manager—Via wears many hats. As an English and Norwegian native speaker with high fluency in Korean, her near-decade of living and working abroad in four countries across three continents means she knows a thing or two about breaking down language barriers. With her SaaS marketing experience, she is also an asset to our tech clients.


Keonwoo Kim (Ken)

Keonwoo is an editor and project manager who discovered the significance of translation while studying German literature, recognizing its role in forging global connections. He believes that translation goes beyond merely conveying the original meaning, serving also to enrich cultures in both regions. While his specialty lies in legal translation, he excels in app and game localization where creativity and an engaging tone are highly prized.

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